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ALLERG-EZZ inventor, Bob Shams, is the lead chemist and owner of Amour Cosmetic Mfg.  His driving force for inventing ALLERG-EZZ was to help mitigate uncomfortable symptoms that he and his family experienced from indoor and outdoor airborne nasal allergens throughout the year.  Irritants such as pet dander, ragweed, pollen, dust, etc.

The idea behind ALLERG-EZZ is to create a natural filter.  This type of technology incorporates an old remedy of coating the nose with natural butters and oils to help alleviate allergen irritation.   ALLERG-EZZ has a unique blend of natural butters, vegetable oils and other key natural ingredients that are chemical-free and drug-free, allowing multiple applications throughout a 24-hour period. Because ALLERG-EZZ is all natural, it can be combined with any other allergy treatment.  

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